there is always something new out of Africa

L. ex Africa semper aliquid novi, a variant of a passage in the Naturalis Historia (viii. 16) of Pliny the Elder referring to hybridization of African animals: unde etiam vulgare Graeciae dictum semper aliquid novi African afferre, hence that common saying of the Greek that Africa is always bringing forth something new; the allusion is to a passage in Aristotle’s De Animalibus Historia viii. 28, 7 ἀεὶ Λιβύη φέρει τι καινόν, Libya is always showing something new. Versions of the Latin saying have been current in England since Erasmus’ Adagia (1500).

1559 W. BAVARDE tr. A Woorke of Ioannes Ferrarius 81 It is saied that Affricque bringeth foorthe alwaies some newe thing.

1642 J. HOWELL Instructions for Forreine Travel (Arber ed.) iii. 22 France, which as Africk produceth always something New, for I never knew week passe in Paris but it brought forth some new kinds of Authors.

1976 D. ARDEN (title) Out of Africa something new?

1983 R. KELLY ‘Stone Wall in Providence’ in Under Words 112 Always something / new out of Africa. Rubadubdub of the new desires squeezing / into the convenient old places of the sleepstonewall.

2000 CBS NEWS (web site) 11 June It is a thing of rare beauty nonetheless: Humans and dangerous animals at peace and in harmony with each other—proving once again that there is always something new out of Africa.

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